Growing Up Ojibwe: The Game

Growing Up Ojibwe: The Game teaches players about Great Lakes Ojibwe history and culture.


Student creates video game to teach, preserve Ojibwe traditions

Growing up Ojibwe game teaches about treaty rights, tribal sovereignty, wild rice and spearfishing

You won't collect coins or weapons in this video game. Instead, you'll gain wisdom about northern Wisconsin tribal culture

Ashland native creates app to teach children Ojibwe culture

Reframing Education Games Through Indigenous Lenses

I really love games because of the ability for people to interact with them

Growing Up Ojibwe tackles cultural awareness amid lack of Native representation in video game industry

"Growing Up Ojibwe": Wisconsin Student Designs Video Game to Teach About Native American Tribe

Growing Up Ojibwe: The Game was developed by Eleanore Falck for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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